Mon 16 Jun 2014

New track from Art Sorority For Girls!

Check out this teaser track - "Man With A Van" - from the forthcoming Art Sorority For Girls record, recorded last winter here at PnG. What a pleasure it was to work with Daoud, Josh and Casey!
Fri 28 Feb 2014

In case you missed it, here's some year-end love for friends of PnG

... Back in December, DCist named two albums recorded at Persona non Grata - Quadrants, by Tereu Tereu and Arkhipov by Joy Buttons - among their favorite records of the year. Cheers to those guys!
Fri 21 Feb 2014

Track suit, clipboard, jambox and a shirtless dude with a monster beard. What more do you need?

Watch Sharkopath's new video for "Mac's Favorite" - BRUTAL! From their eponymous debut record, recorded right here at Persona non Grata.
Thu 20 Feb 2014

Listen: Persona non Grata Studio has come unstuck in time.

Today we're proud to announce the offical launch of our website! In addition to all the typical studio information type stuff, you'll also find updates on our ongoing projects and the happenings of our clients in this space. Stay tuned - there's lots... Read More